Chef Kendall 


As a veteran of the kitchen, Chef Kendall Curry believes that cooking comes from the heart. In the summer of 1990, he worked as a line cook in the pool kitchen of the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club. It was there, that he fell in love with the concept of cook to order. Chef Curry has worked in fine dining for 27 years. He received his culinary degree in 2008 while working at Ranch Steakhouse, where he worked for 15 years and eventually became the Executive Chef.  Chef Curry has had the pleasure of working under Chef Nordeen Bennai, as well as several other well known chefs in Oklahoma City. He is self-educated in different cuisines and enjoys cooking food that comforts the soul. It is his passion for the culinary arts that has led him to open Chef Curry To Go, a fast casual dining experience.

Chef David  


After serving in the U.S. Army, Military Police Corps, David found his love for the restaurant life in Oklahoma City. In 1995, under the guidance of Chef Nordeen Bennai, in the kitchen of Pepperoni Grill, David found his passion for cooking as he learned the ways of the culinary arts. It was here where David also met and became life long friends with a young Chef Curry. Moving up from Prep Cook, to Corporate Trainer, David traveled across the nation to open new restaurants, cook at Buddhist Resorts and open local restaurants. After taking a break from the restaurant business, David found himself  back in the kitchen as Cook/Bus/Driver/Teacher for a local daycare. He then found himself working under Chef Curry, at Ranch Steakhouse. David joins Chef Curry to bring you Chef Curry To Go. 

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